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The Convention of

Covenanting Churches


Purpose and Scope


The primary purpose of The Convention of Covenanting Churches is to foster Christian fellowship and support among member churches, and to assist each in its individual effort of spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to every living soul. The ministry, further purposes to establish and maintain Christian churches, schools, colleges and universities, that will teach the Word of God while preparing ministers, educators, businessmen, skilled workers and technicians to go forth and be living epistles for the Lord, and to be a council of safety for each other until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


But let us pause here to fore-state that The Convention of Covenanting Churches is not a denomination! It is, rather, a worldwide “Christian-fellowship” ministry dedicated to unifying the body of Christ, irrespective of age, gender, social status, denomination and/or ethnicity. The Convention of Covenanting Churches eliminates majoring on minors and centers rather on “loving the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, minds and strengths, and each other as ourselves”. Keeping His commandments ever before us, in all that we do, hear and say is an ever-present goal of the ministry.


The Convention of Covenanting Churches is therefore a ministry of diversity, comprising a bouquet of Christian churches -- Methodist, Baptist, Apostolic, Churches of God, Churches of God in Christ, etc., intercity and suburban churches, churches whose membership are predominately White, Yellow, Red, Black or Brown, all uniting under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to send sweet fragrances of praise to our Father, God Almighty.


Jesus-believing and Jesus-centered churches are accepted just as they are and no member-church tries to change the belief, direction or plan of another. Some churches are “post-trib”. Some are “pre-trib”. Some are more “spiritually” expressive than others, and some more traditional in their views. But, all meet the requirements of loving the Lord with all their heart, soul and strength and loving their neighbors as themselves. We walk together in agreement on the belief in Jesus Christ, the only Savior of the world. 


The Convention of Covenanting Churches believes that through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, truth shall be manifested to all of us as we fellowship together in love. So differences, save the Lordship of Jesus and His commandments to us all, are left to the Spirit of Truth – “The School Master.” Our duty is . . . to love one another.


The Convention of Covenanting Churches tenets are centered on the following: (1) the belief that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, born of a virgin, crucified for our sins, and is

now seated at the right hand of Father God; (2) the belief in Jesus as Savior and the confession and acceptance of His Lordship are essential to the new birth in Him; and, (3) the belief that Jesus is coming again for His blood bought church.


Now, as the name implies, we are a covenanting body. Our covenant is one of love, support and sharing. Love is unconditional, support is unselfish, and sharing is unlimited.


At the very heart of The Convention of Covenanting Churches’ outreach are character development and the promotion of ministerial effectiveness. The organization is forever seeking God’s guidance in developing positive methods of ministry, while relying wholeheartedly on the Holy Spirit’s anointing to propagate those methods.


Napoleon D. Rhodes, Sr. is the founder and chairs the organization. Jurisdictional Bishops comprise the General Governing Board. In addition to having direct responsibility for ministry establishment and development within several states and/or continents, Jurisdictional Bishops serve in the capacity of the following offices: Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer-Controller, Director of Education, Director of Media Relations and Expansion, Director of Child Evangelism and Youth Relations, Director of Intra-ministry Development, Director of Church History & Relationship, and Director of Public Relations.Church Ch`I HH   HH H


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The Convention of Covenanting Churches is staffed with state bishops who organize their state into regions, under the auspices of state overseers. A state bishop may have as many regional overseers as is required, and each overseer may supervise as many as ten churches.


As chosen vessels of the Lord Jesus Christ and fellowship members, we shall always strive to do His will and perform His service.  And, again, may God Almighty continue to be glorified in our lives.


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